Drew’s Late Night Habits

A while back you may remember that I made another post about Drew and his love of reading, especially at night. I tuck Drew in around 8:30 every evening. For whatever reason, he has never been able to sleep that early. I told him he can read, do homework, write in his journal or anything that is quiet. He usually falls asleep around 10 pm.

Another activity besides reading that you can find him doing is puzzles. More than a handful of times I have found him working on them till the wee hours of the night. Anytime I find a good deal on a puzzle, I snag it because I know he will get it done.

This puzzle was 1000 pieces and one I got in Disneyland (not such a good deal but I thought it was cute). He did finally complete it after several weeks. I don’t have the patience for puzzles. I just can’t sit still for that long, but that is not the case for Drew. He gets that from his dad. I may have seen Seth sneak in there a time or two and spend a little time with Drew working on the puzzle. Melt my heart.



First Weekend of Spring Camping Trip

This last weekend Manina was out-of-town at yet another girls trip. Jacob, Megan, and Katelyn had a church “mini-mission” activity that would keep them busy (and supervised) all Friday night and most of the day on Saturday. I was home with just Claire, Drew, and Ellie.

So, instead of sitting around and playing on iPods all weekend, we decided to borrow grandma Jan’s trailer (nicknamed Cousin Eddy) and head west and find a camping spot.


We went out to Manning canyon, out by Five Mile Pass. It’s a pretty easy place to get to, and we found a pretty good place to set up camp.

It was pretty chilly, so we got mostly stayed inside the trailer that night. We popped some popcorn over the stove in one of those tin-foil poppers (which was a big hit, and a great snack) and played a game of Candyland (Claire won by large margin).


I woke up at 6am and looked up at the thermometer – it was 20°F inside the trailer. So I cracked a couple vents open and turned on the heater. It was soon up to a manageable 40°F temperature. No one died of carbon monoxide poisoning, which was a bonus.

We ate powdered doughnuts, blueberries, and oatmeal for breakfast as we waited for the sun to keep warming up. Then we went outside and decided to go for a hike.


We made it to the top of the mountain and looked back down on our camp. The kids had fun looking for rocks, chasing crows, and looking for animals.

After our hike I cooked one of those take-n-bake pizzas in the trailer’s oven. It was a much more difficult process than it sounds because the oven is so “vintage” that it didn’t have any cooking racks. I managed to rig up a contraption to cook the pizza without burning it on either the top or the bottom, which may go down as one of the greatest engineering hacks in history destined for obscurity.


The kids ate the miracle pizza for lunch while I started cleaning and packing up. As I watched them play together I remembered why it’s important to be outside without the modern gadgets. It was fun to see their imagination and creativity come alive in a new setting. We had a great time on our first camping trip of 2016. Hopefully we will have many more to report.

Drew’s Baptism

Drew was baptized on February 6, 2016 at 10:30 am. He made the decision to be baptized a few months before and had been reading all about this ordinance and purpose behind it. He was excited and ready for his special day. (Thanks to my friend Hannah Stayner for snapping these photos for me.)





Unfortunately we got a text early in the morning tell us his Grandpa Mike wasn’t feeling well and was unable to make it. We missed him. Stuart Wright conducted the meeting. The service began with an opening prayer by Grandma Jan Johnson. Emily Rowberry gave a sweet talk on baptism. Then Seth, Drew’s dad, performed the baptism and Jesse Johnson and Greg Rowberry served as witnesses. After the baptism, Beau Hunter, our home teacher, gave a great talk on receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, after which Drew was confirmed and received it by his dad, Seth. Grandpa Walt, Uncle Jesse, Uncle Greg, Beau Hunter and Stuart Wright were all in the circle. Grandpa Walter Cryer gave the closing prayer.

Drew & Seth in front of the baptismal font.

Our everything…all eight of us!

Grandma Jan & Drew

Great Grandpa Walt and Gran Mary
Most of that paragraph was for memories sake and so we have it documented. I asked Drew what his thoughts were about his special day. He said he loved the way he felt all day. He could just tell he was a better person.

As the parent watching from the outside, I can agree. This day could only make a great boy greater. It was tender and spiritual. I didn’t quite make it without shedding a few tears along the way. My heart just melted as I watched Seth perform these ordinances for Drew. It was one of the days I will not soon forget. I am so proud of Drew for wanting to be baptized and grow closer to his Father in Heaven and his Son, Jesus Christ.

Our Cute Cub Scout

With every 8th birthday for boys in our house, comes the excitement of joining Cub Scouts. Drew was no different. He couldn’t wait for this 8th birthday and to attend his first den meeting. He got a nice new scout shirt, neckerchief, slide and Wolf book. He started reading his book before he even got to his first den meeting. During one of Drew’s late night readings, he memorized the cub scout motto, oath, law and handshake. He was so excited to show me in the morning.


He had earned his Bobcat within a week of his eighth birthday. His first pack meeting was adorable. He was so excited to go up and get his award. When you earn your Bobcat, your dad has to turn you upside to remind you to “do a good turn daily.” Drew was boasting. You could just see his excitement as he got to participate with all the older boys and join the pack.




As a mom of an Eagle Scout, I know what this journey entails. It is long and rigorous one, but I have loved all the lessons it taught our oldest son and wouldn’t want it any different for Drew. Next up, Wolf rank. I am sure it won’t be long before he gets it!

Drew is Eight!

Our little Drew Buddy has turned eight! He wanted more than anything to have a few of his buddies over to celebrate. Although my energy level is less than stellar a week or two after Christmas, I conceded and allowed him to have six of his buddies come with us to the Museum of Curiosity.


I am obviously not around boys enough because their energy level blew my mind. They played so hard and never let up until I made them head to the car. Their sweaty hair and foreheads proved it.



Even the car ride home was full of energy. Drew was being the joker and all the boys were laughing their head off at him. I never see that side of Drew so it was kind of fun to watch it happen.

After arriving home we opened presents, had cupcakes and the boys continued to play until their parents arrived. Drew loved all of his presents. He got a star wars puzzle, Star Wars Disney Infinity set, some infinity characters, a rockets, and an Ipod touch from us and his grandparents. He was thrilled.




Drew is unique character. He loves to learn about facts. He enjoys putting things together and figuring things out. He loves puzzles and is currently working on a 1000 piece one all by himself. He goes to bed when instructed at around 8:30 but then stays up in his bed reading Magic Treehouse, Boxcar Children, and the Diary of Wimpy Kid series for a couple hours every night. I try to get him to fall asleep sooner, but for whatever reason he is a late-nighter. I can’t complain as it has helped him be one of the best readers in his class and he currently reads at a 4th grade reading level. He has a tender heart and loves to write us notes to tell us how much he loves us. We can’t imagine our family without our little book reading, soccer playing, puzzle solving guy in it.