Trek 2017

Both Megan and Jake were able to go on Trek this year. They went to Muddy Creek, Wyoming with our stake. They left on Thursday morning and returned Saturday evening. Although I was unable to attend with them I was able to see them off, pick them up and enjoy all their fun stories.

Neither of them went into super excited, but when I picked them up they both admitted that it was a really wonderful experience for them.

Jake, Meg, Kynli and Gigi

Girl’s Camp

Both my oldest girls, Meg and Katelyn, went to girl’s camp in June. It is always something they look forward to attending each year. They seriously have the best group of girls and leaders anyone could ask for. Although I have never been with them I always love hearing about their experiences through the week. I don’t have a lot of detail to add, but I know they had tons of fun, went on a long hike, performed skits, and the weather stayed nice all week (unlike last year). Below are pictures which show some of fun things they did.


Drew earned his wolf rank!

Drew went into scouts back in January. He absolutely loves scouts. He is always asking what he can work on to earn his next achievement. He is a bit of an overachiever. Well thanks to his leader, Marnie Jones, and Drew’s determination, he earned his wolf badge this week.

He was pretty excited to have to dig through the whip cream (no hands!) to get his badge. We are proud of our new wolf!




Young Women’s 5K Chalk Run

This is our second annual Young Women’s color run. They have chalk stations all along the way, each color representing the values in the young woman program in our church. As you get to the station they throw chalk.

None of my girls trained for the 5K so there was a lot of walking and running involved but we all had a great time running up to the temple (a good ending even it was uphill!).





Drew’s Baptism

Drew was baptized on February 6, 2016 at 10:30 am. He made the decision to be baptized a few months before and had been reading all about this ordinance and purpose behind it. He was excited and ready for his special day. (Thanks to my friend Hannah Stayner for snapping these photos for me.)





Unfortunately we got a text early in the morning tell us his Grandpa Mike wasn’t feeling well and was unable to make it. We missed him. Stuart Wright conducted the meeting. The service began with an opening prayer by Grandma Jan Johnson. Emily Rowberry gave a sweet talk on baptism. Then Seth, Drew’s dad, performed the baptism and Jesse Johnson and Greg Rowberry served as witnesses. After the baptism, Beau Hunter, our home teacher, gave a great talk on receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, after which Drew was confirmed and received it by his dad, Seth. Grandpa Walt, Uncle Jesse, Uncle Greg, Beau Hunter and Stuart Wright were all in the circle. Grandpa Walter Cryer gave the closing prayer.

Drew & Seth in front of the baptismal font.

Our everything…all eight of us!

Grandma Jan & Drew

Great Grandpa Walt and Gran Mary
Most of that paragraph was for memories sake and so we have it documented. I asked Drew what his thoughts were about his special day. He said he loved the way he felt all day. He could just tell he was a better person.

As the parent watching from the outside, I can agree. This day could only make a great boy greater. It was tender and spiritual. I didn’t quite make it without shedding a few tears along the way. My heart just melted as I watched Seth perform these ordinances for Drew. It was one of the days I will not soon forget. I am so proud of Drew for wanting to be baptized and grow closer to his Father in Heaven and his Son, Jesus Christ.