Jake & Lilly – Junior Prom 2017

Jake asked Lilly to his Junior Prom. Although I am not privy to all the details it looked like they had a great time together. They spent the morning mountain climbing with the group of friends.

After he picked up Lily for the dance, they went and ate dinner at the Alpine Country Club and headed out to the dance. They had a great time!

Lots and Lots of Basketball

All of our kiddos played basketball this year. That is six different kids, six different teams with six different games for about 6-8 weeks. We were busy!!

Ellie actually played in the Fall which made it nice so we didn’t have her competing for our time when all the others were playing in January. She played with her bestie Izzy.

Drew convinced Seth to coach his team with several of his pals. They had a fun little season and Seth saw a ton of improvement over the weeks.

Claire actually played two seasons. She did one season of Junior Jazz and then one season of Bantam. Although she doesn’t have a ton of experience, she is coming along. She has so much hustle and is very coachable. I am expecting big things out of her the future.

Katelyn played with the same group of girls she has over the years. They always have a ton of fun and end up winning and losing about the same amount of games. Thank you Coach Tullis for putting up with these girlies!

Jake coaches and plays with this group of guys. They are always a ton of fun to watch. They are fast quick and always make it to the championship game. Even though it is just recreational level, they are a ton of fun to watch!

Megan ended up playing on the Mountain Ridge 9th grade basketball team. She was quite the baller and was often one of the top scorers on her team. They only lost three games which is record for the school. They made it to the final tournament but ended up missing a handful of players and lost in the semi’s. It is too bad because they were so good and could easily have won. Next year! (Team pic coming soon).

It was a very busy couple of months but I had a blast cheering for my kiddos!

Pine Hollow Snowshoe Trek 2017

A couple years ago I took the big kids on a snowshoe hike up the Pine Hollow trail. I wrote that I would go by myself the next time.

Well this time I brought all the little kids (Claire, Drew, and Ellie) and Manina too. You’d think it would have been a much worse experience, but no — we had a great time!

The hike up was tough, but we went pretty slow and took plenty of breaks. The sun was out and we sure warmed up hiking uphill.

We’ve had a lot of snow this winter, but we didn’t need the snowshoes. The trail was packed down just enough.We hiked (here is the GPS info) further than the original trip with the big kids, making it all the way to Pine Hollow. We rested in the fresh powder and took a few photos.

Then we hopped on the sleds and cruised down the mountain. There were a few close calls, but mostly the packed down trail acts like a groomed toboggan run. It was a riot.

So grateful to live close to the mountains!