Drew Turns Ten

Drew is a pretty easy-going kid. We had to celebrate his birthday a couple days early due to some big celebrations with his Grandpa Mike’s 70th birthday planned. But Drew didn’t mind at all. He’s all chill.

We lucked into some Jazz tickets, so Drew and I went up to downtown Salt Lake City to the game as a birthday activity. The Jazz didn’t play well and ended up losing but it was fun time together.

We took Drew out of school on Friday to take him to lunch wherever he wanted. He chose Chick-Fil-A, but he couldn’t stay long because he needed to get back to class to get his math homework — he’s a great student too!

While we were at lunch, I took the opportunity to interview Drew to find out what his life is like as a ten-year-old. Here is what I learned:

What are your favorite things?

  • Subject at school: Computers. Definitely.
  • Breakfast cereal: Cocoa Puffs
  • Musical artist: Maroon 5
  • Homemade meal: macaroni and cheese
  • Restaurant and meal: Chicken nuggets at Chick-Fil-A
  • Soda: Sprite
  • Candy bar: Twix
  • Game on iPod: Roblox

If I gave you $1000 to spend, and you can’t save it, what would you buy? A laptop.

What is something you want to accomplish at 10? Get my Faith in God award.

What book you most recently enjoyed? Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Getaway

Who are your close friends: Rigby, Mason, Micah, Smith, Miles, Andrew, Brandon, Sam.

What is your shoe size? 5.5

How tall are you? 4’5”

How much do you weigh? 65 lbs

Who is you favorite soccer player? Ronaldo

What is your dream car? Lamborghini

Do you have a crush? No! (Followed by blushes and denials.)

We stayed home that night and played games as a family, which was what Drew wanted to do in lieu of a friend party. We had some Dairy Queen ice cream cake and he opened a couple presents — a couple soccer posters, scout stuff, a soccer ball, and some wireless headphones. Happy birthday Drew!

Dual Sip Straw: Drew’s Invention Fair

Oh how I love the invention fair and the stress that falls upon mom and dad to help come up with something creative. However, as I have gotten older and wiser, I don’t really invest any of my time into this anymore. After all, it is for the kids, not us, right parents? I just encourage my kids to come up with something creative on their own, no matter how simple it may be.

Drew did just that and created the “Dual Sip Straw” that you can use to drink of multiple drinks at the same time creating a fun little drink mixture. No stress for mom, extra confidence for Drew in knowing he came up with this on his own. Win, win for everyone. Nice job Drew!


Drew’s 9th Birthday!

Drew buddy turned 9! I checked Drew out of school and took him to lunch. Seth met Drew and I at Cafe Rio and we had a great lunch together. While in line, there were some firefighters that overheard it was Drew’s birthday and they had the Cafe Rio employees sing to him. Drew was a bit embarrassed but I think he secretly enjoyed it.

This year is a family birthday and he wanted to go to Classic Fun Center to go roller skating. The kids all seemed to have a really good time, even with the interesting crowd you get at those skate places. 🙂

And then home for cake and present…what a fun day!

He is a Bear cub scout now!

Drew is such a good kid. Although he can be a normal rambunctious little boy, he is generally a quiet little over-achiever. He loves to read, build things and play computer games, but most of the time he can be found either on our basketball court or the soccer field. He is quick and coordinated and works hard. One of the cutest things is that recently Drew has started going to the adult choir practice in our church. Every Sunday morning he gets on his suit and heads to practice and then performs with them each month when they sing in church. It really is the cutest thing! We love our Drew buddy!

Drew earned his wolf rank!

Drew went into scouts back in January. He absolutely loves scouts. He is always asking what he can work on to earn his next achievement. He is a bit of an overachiever. Well thanks to his leader, Marnie Jones, and Drew’s determination, he earned his wolf badge this week.

He was pretty excited to have to dig through the whip cream (no hands!) to get his badge. We are proud of our new wolf!




Spring Soccer Season

Soccer season kept us very busy this spring to say the least. We usually had 3 games every day! Drew was quite a superstar and generally scored a goal or two every game. His team finished the season undefeated.

Ellie likewise finished her season undefeated and although she played up a level to be with her friend, she dominated and came away being one of the strongest players on the team. Way to go yellow laser sharks!

Megan keep excelling and can pretty much outplay anyone that comes against her on the field. She has amazing footwork and can dribble like nobody’s business.

Although we kept very busy going from soccer game to soccer game, we loved watching our kiddos work hard and grow more confidence with each game.



Drew Soccer2



IMG_9934G’ma Kathy & G’pa Gary made a special trip to visit us and go to all the soccer games. They toughed it out even though it was cold and rainy most of the day!