Rappelling FHE

Tonight for FHE we went rappelling. Yep, you read that right. Our family went rappelling down a 50 foot cliff face with an overhang and a waterfall. It was awesome.


We totally lucked in to the whole experience too. Yesterday, by happenstance we found out the Cryers invited the Rowberrys to come rappelling for a joint FHE. We felt a little silly, but we totally invited ourselves along too.

My Uncle Bryan has been a scoutmaster for a lot of years and knows all the tips, tricks, and fun places to go. He was the one who showed us the Meadow Hot Springs earlier this year. So, we jumped at the chance to try something new.

We hiked up Battle Creek Canyon near Bryan and Michelle’s home in Pleasant Grove. The falls were only a half mile up the trail, and when we got there with our little kids, Uncle Bryan already had the ropes setup and cousin Kayla was halfway down the rope.




Most of our kids were able to get time in the harness. Jake had tried it before in scouts, but still had some butterflies to overcome while stepping over the ledge. Megan and Katelyn had no troubles at all (other than they weren’t heavy enough to get any real momentum). Manina and I each took a couple turns.


Poor Claire, Drew, and Ellie didn’t get a chance. The smallest harness he had wasn’t quite small enough, even though Claire tried it out before turning back. She’ll get it next time for sure.

Afterward, all the kids piled into the back of Uncle Bryan’s pickup truck and we went back to his house for ice cream and a quick lesson and prayer. We all had a great time.


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