A new commute

My commute to work today was much shorter than it has been for some time. You see, my employer, Ancestry, moved its headquarters to nearby Lehi. I’ve been working at Ancestry for about a year, and before that I was at a neighboring building at Morinda for 10 years. I burned about an hour a day in travel time working in those locations. Doing the math is pretty depressing – I’ve spent almost 4 months of my life driving to and from work at Morinda and Ancestry down in Provo.

The new commute is now about 5 miles right along the Timpanogos highway. That goes pretty fast in my car. Or on my motorcycle.

There is also the Murdock Canal bike trail which covers nearly 90 percent of route. So, I plan on bike commuting a lot too. But, because it is close and relatively flat I wanted to be able to ride in my work clothes instead of getting all decked out in my lycra and riding my fast bike.

So, it was a perfect excuse to buy a new bicycle.


I found a 2016 Trek District listed on KSL Classified. It’s basically brand new; the little nubs are still on the tires. The owner blacked it out, and then had a hard time selling it, so I got it for a bargain. It’s a great bike and super quiet. Makes zero noise with the belt drive and internal geared hub.


I’ll probably have to get a bell or something so I don’t scare fellow trail walkers, runners, riders. I’ve christened her “Stealth”.


Anyway, change is good, especially when that change involves much less time driving and a new bike. It is nice to be close.

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