Vroom, vroom

I have been lobbying for a motorcycle for a while. There have always been good reasons not to make the purchase. But, now the reasons are starting to swing in the direction of me getting one:

  • My life insurance situation is good
  • Jake will be driving in a few months
  • My work is moving closer to our home, meaning a much shorter commute
  • My car is getting older; the old Kia now has about 110,000 miles on her
  • We don’t have ton of extra garage space for another car
  • A third vehicle would be very convenient

Friday night, we went out to dinner with the Rowberrys. On our way I got an alert that I had set on KSL classifieds for a used Honda Shadow. This one met all the requirements. It was in good condition, low mileage, bargain priced, and nearby. I was interested.

At dinner we talked more about my reasons to get a motorcycle. Greg mentioned that he would be willing to come test drive it with me, since he grew up riding bikes. His brother also had owned a Honda Shadow. Plus, he had a big trailer we could use. Even more reasons stacking up on my side.

So, I texted the guy and made an appointment to come see the bike on Saturday morning.

Greg and I hooked up his trailer and left to see the bike. I had called the seller to get more of the background on the bike, and I was reasonably sure I was going to buy it, unless I just didn’t fit on it or something.

I don’t think Manina really thought it was going to happen, but I was home with the motorcycle before lunchtime. I spent the rest of the day practicing with it. It took me a couple hours, but I was soon comfortable enough to take the kids for a drive.


I’m sure once the weather warms up I will be on it a lot more. Vroom, vroom!

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