Spring Soccer Season

Soccer season kept us very busy this spring to say the least. We usually had 3 games every day! Drew was quite a superstar and generally scored a goal or two every game. His team finished the season undefeated.

Ellie likewise finished her season undefeated and although she played up a level to be with her friend, she dominated and came away being one of the strongest players on the team. Way to go yellow laser sharks!

Megan keep excelling and can pretty much outplay anyone that comes against her on the field. She has amazing footwork and can dribble like nobody’s business.

Although we kept very busy going from soccer game to soccer game, we loved watching our kiddos work hard and grow more confidence with each game.



Drew Soccer2



IMG_9934G’ma Kathy & G’pa Gary made a special trip to visit us and go to all the soccer games. They toughed it out even though it was cold and rainy most of the day!




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