Spring Break in Moab

This year for spring break we decided to make our way out to Moab with five other couples. We hooked up with the Greg Rowberry family, the Darrin Rowberry family, the Howell family, the Jensen family, and the Cutler family. We rented a huge cabin (sleeps 50) about 40 minutes south of Moab. It turned out to be a fantastic trip with a bunch of great people!

The trip was filled with lots of hiking and bike riding! We left Monday morning and made a stop along the way do a little four-wheeling and mountain biking. Meanwhile, I hiked around with the little kids so Seth and Jake could enjoy riding.

Seth testing out the mountain bike.

We went to Arches National Park on Tuesday. We hiked to Delicate Arch first. I have done it before, but it was still as amazing as it was the first time! Afterward, we went to Sand Dune Arch. This is a favorite for the kids. Unfortunately, the wind had picked up and made it a little chilly to be playing there for long.

Delicate Arch

Ellie and me at Delicate Arch

Drew and his good buddy Micah


Ellie and her daddy!

Claire and Allie at Sand Dune Arch


Arches National Park Visitor Center

Wednesday involved a lot of mountain biking for most of the group. Those of us with little ones made our way to Devil’s Revenge to watch some of the jeeps climbing on the rocks. Afterward we had lunch at a park before meeting up with the others at the BMX park.


Thursday was our day to pack up and head out. We decided to take full advantage of the day and we trekked out to Goblin Valley and hiked Little Wild Horse Canyon (one of my very favorite hikes).





Some of my favorite parts of the trip consisted of late nights gabbing with the ladies (and husbands too). We rarely made it to bed before midnight. The kids were in heaven and played for hours and hours without a complaint. The food was amazing! We each coupled up and took one night for dinner/dessert. Mmmm, mmmm, good!

Jake and his buddies playing card games.

The girls practicing “cups” from Pitch Perfect.

Drew and Micah – nearly inseparable this trip.

We were all completely exhausted and worn out from the trip, but had a super fun time. It was great to have the opportunity to get to know everyone better and have a fun time with all of our families!

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