Snowshoeing with the big kids

It’s been cold recently in Utah Valley, and we’ve had an early onslaught of inversion. So, I decided to head up into the mountains for some much-needed fresh air.

Jacob, Megan, and Katelyn all decided to come along too. I have two sets of snowshoes, so Jacob used my other pair, and Megan and Katelyn were able to borrow some from a neighbor. We headed off for the Pine Hollow trail head, which we’d heard was good for snowshoeing, but which was unknown to us.

Almost immediately, it became apparent that this was going to be a rough trip. We started going down the wrong trail. Once we corrected course, we hadn’t made it but a couple hundred yards and the belly-aching began. “This is hard.” “It’s cold outside.” “Why is it so steep?” “Jacob threw snow on me!”

Photo Dec 14, 2 42 36 PM

It was a fight the whole way as we trudged along through a beautiful, still, wintry forest. The air was clear, very few other people were on the trail. It would have been really nice if it weren’t for the nearly constant bickering and complaining.

Plus, we were slow. Way slow. We didn’t even make it to the hollow surrounded by pine trees from whence the trail gets its name. Finally, both the kids and I had had enough and we turned around.

Photo Dec 14, 2 14 46 PM

I’ll go again, but maybe by myself next time.

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