Sharing Christmas 2017

The last few years my parents have gifted us cash and asked us to go do something good with it. They only ask that we write it up to share with them. Here is our report for 2017.

Like a lot of other families these days, most of our Christmas shopping is done online and the good people of UPS, USPS, FedEx, and other delivery companies bring the packages right to our doorstep. No matter the weather, these guys and gals are hustling and working hard.

This year we decided to buy a bunch of drinks, snacks, candy bars, and other treats and put it out on our porch for these good delivery folks.

We got lots of good feedback from neighbors, friends, and delivery guys too. One FedEx guy came by two days in a row, taking a bunch of goodies. The second day he made a point to ring the doorbell, thank Manina, and then chat for a few minutes about how to save money on expedited shipping during the holidays (spoiler: don’t pay for overnight, just do second day air, everything is processed like overnight service during the last week leading up to Christmas).

Word got out and we had some drivers make stops at our house even though they weren’t delivering packages.

We had a lot of fun seeing their reactions. We have a security camera and caught some of the best moments and compiled a quick video.

We hope the goodies gave them a little more energy to get through their routes and long days of work. A little Christmas boost.

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