Midsummer Night’s Dream

Mrs. Yingling, Katelyn’s sixth grade teacher, has her class perform a Shakespeare play every year. She assigns a student as the director and the director assigns all other parts and roles. They also tweak the play so it has its own little twist. It is ALL done by the kids…no adult help on anything. The kids even make the costumes, choreography, do lights and sound. It is a pretty awesome experience.

Sweet Katelyn was chosen as Helena in the play, Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was one of the main roles and even gave her a solo at the beginning. Don’t be confused, the song is from the Beauty and the Beast, but that was part of the Disney twist they used throughout the play. Katelyn has a beautiful voice but she is also quiet and a little bit shy so I was super excited to see her accept this role and go full-speed ahead memorizing all of her lines and practicing her parts.

When the performance day rolled around she was ready. They had four performances. I love watching her so much that I attended three of the four of them! It was so fun to see her having fun and showing off her talents. I was extra proud of her for trying something new and killing it!

This is the best video I got of her singing. Unfortunately the microphones were sub-par so you will have to crank up your volume to be able to hear her. I think she should make a habit of this acting/singing thing!






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