Meadow Hot Springs 2019 Edition

After Gary and Kathy caught their plane back to Alaska, we packed up and went on a quick camping trip. We decided to head down to the Meadow hot springs, recreating a memory from nearly five years ago.

Claire got to bring along her friend Andie and Ellie invited Izzy, so our car was full of people and gear as we drove the two hours south.

The weather was a bit cold, and it was windy and threatening to rain when we arrived at our spot. We started to setup our camp when we realized that I had forgotten the tent stakes to our big wall tent. Off to a rough start.

I was pretty frustrated at leaving behind such a critical piece of gear, but I made a few phone calls and was able to find some stakes for sale about 20 minutes away back in Fillmore. I drove and bought the stakes and we were able to finally get our camp setup without any further drama.

Since we had arrived early in the afternoon, we still had some daylight to use. So we drove to the nearby lava tubes, hiking around and exploring some of the dark caves for a while.

Kids exploring the lava tubes while Manina takes the easy route

We took a bunch of pictures and climbed around and explored for about an hour or so.

Seth jumping to his certain demise
Claire taking in the scenery

As we drove the progressively less bumpy road back to camp we saw several pronghorn antelope bounding alongside us. We were all having fun and enjoying nature together.

Our next stop was to the hot springs for a nice warm bath. It was around sunset on a Friday night, so we were quickly outnumbered by a rowdier audience and didn’t stay too long.

Meadow hot springs at sunset

Back at camp we built a fire and cooked hot dogs for dinner before climbing into bed pretty much exhausted.

Cooking dinner around the campfire

It rained at night, but everyone stayed warm and dry and slept pretty well.

We woke up, ate breakfast, and packed up our camp. We were in the car and on the road by 10am, and listened to the first session of General Conference on the drive home.

Even though we had to come home and set everything back up to make sure it all dried out completely and cleaned up, it was still worth it. Even with the rough start, the marginal weather, and the effort involved, it’s always good to get away and spend time together in the great outdoors.

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  1. So many of MY “family” memories revolve around being outdoors with all of you guys. Having messed-up our last one thanks to an unplanned hospital visit, I’ll try really hard to byepass that experience next summer. I hope that we can get this whole family together a few more times–out “there”.

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