Christmas 2015

We had another wonderful Christmas season. We had our annual Christmas Eve festivities with Grandpa and Grandma Johnson and all of Seth’s siblings and their children. We love the delicious food and great company. Every year the performance of the nativity gets better and better as the older kids are able to better help the younger ones. The candy bar game was a little more complicated than normal as Seth’s rules were tricky this year, but everyone had a great time.


We came home to open our pajamas, have apple cider, sing songs and read “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”



The kids actually slept pretty good and our first wake-up call was at 7 am. We gathered our kids in our room and then sent them out one by one to see what Santa had brought. I always love to see the excitement on their faces as they come out. The spirit is Christmas is magical.


Everyone seemed pleased with their gifts. Some of our favorites were the game “Pie Face”, Megan’s Arvo watch, Jake’s phone, Katelyn’s penny board, Claire’s doll stuff, Drew’s tether ball, and Ellie’s horse and camper. I got some sweet cordless headphones and Seth got a new Apple watch. Presents were fun, but as Jake always reminds us every year, the best part of Christmas isn’t the gifts, but rather the feelings, smells and time we spend together as a family and most importantly the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.









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