Big 16 for Jacob!

Can you believe it?! I have a 16 year old! I have a third driver in my household! This is a long time coming. I had many grandiose ideas about a big party for Jake, but he made me promise that I would not do a surprise party and that I wouldn’t do anything elaborate. At first I was disappointed but I appreciate how he just wants to keep it simple and be with our family. All he wanted to do was go to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, get his driver’s license, and have an ice-cream cake. We did just that!

He woke up to a bedroom filled with lots of balloons and we served him waffles and strawberries in bed. After getting ready for the day we met up with Seth for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. Yum!



After lunch we headed to the DMV. Of course something had to go wrong. We waiting in line for 30+ minutes and when we got to the counter the guy told us they recently added a new online test you have to do before you can get the license. It was basically four videos you have to watch and then answer 10 questions. Ugghhh! So he started his videos while I ran and picked up the cake.

Once completed we had to stand back in line. Of course this time it was about and hour long. So by nearly 4 pm he became officially licensed. He was so excited and luckily his ice-cream cake hadn’t melted in the hot car.


After dinner, the Rowberrys came over to help us celebrate. They brought Jake a shoebox full of his favorite things. It was super sweet.




It was a simple day and exactly what he wanted. Although Jake can test my patience at times, I love him more than imaginable. He fills our family with lots of “firsts” (first kid, first to ride a bike, first to go to school, first to drive…). We are grateful for the sweet young man he is becoming and excited to see what the next couple years bring. Happy Birthday Jake…now go find yourself a first date! 🙂

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