Bad Ankles

Sometimes genetics smiles upon you and gives you the best traits from your mom and dad. But sometimes, you get chromosomes that would be better off remaining at the bottom of the gene pool.

Jacob got his old man’s ankles. Too bad for him.

He went down hard in his soccer game on Saturday. Neither Manina nor I were there at the game (we have way too many soccer games this season), so I got a phone call from another parent saying that Jake was pretty badly hurt and that we should come and get him.

I picked up Jake and it was obvious that he was in pain. I got the full story and made an immediate diagnosis: sprained ankle.

So, we went home instead of going to the hospital. Jake elevated and iced his ankle, which was already pretty badly swollen. Jake has always been a bit of a hypochondriac, so his mom didn’t even let him get out of doing his chores. After his chores were done, we made him go out and continue to paint house numbers on curbs — a little side business he has been trying to develop. It was a pretty normal Saturday.


On Sunday, his ankle was still pretty swollen, but the more concerning part was a red spot on the outside of his foot that was very tender to the touch. We went up to visit my parents in Riverton and then decided to take Jake in to get diagnosed by a real doctor. When we were taking the x-rays, I immediately saw the fracture. The doctor confirmed that Jake had broken his fifth metatarsal.


Jake will be out for about six weeks, but is able to wear a walking boot and keep at least some of his mobility. His ankle still looks pretty for a bad sprain, but we’re sure he will make a full and complete recovery.

Sorry, Jake! At least you inherited your mom’s good looks.

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  1. True that, I totally have some good looks. I really wish the whole ankle thing didn’t happen though, I really hate having to be stuck in a boot, while all my buddies are playing sports and enjoying their time. Dang…

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