One week

Drew is one week old today. It is hard to believe that a whole week has passed since his birth. He has been a fantastic baby so far. He isn’t particularly fussy. He only cries if he is hungry or needs to be changed. Other than that he is happy being held or hanging out in his bouncie. Last night I was able to get eight hours of sleep. He only woke up twice to eat (once at midnight and once at 5:30 am) and he slept until 9 am. He is the sweetest little guy! The other kids adore him and fight over who gets to hold him. Claire runs around the house yelling “baby gubber” (aka brother). He will be well loved in this family. 🙂 Here is a recent photo of him.


We’re home…

As you read in Seth’s previous post baby Drew was born early Sunday morning. His much anticipated arrival came without much issue. We arrived at the hospital at nearly 5 am and he was born 2 short hours later at 7:02 AM.

When we arrived at the hospital I was dilated to a 5 so the nurses admitted me. They broke my water and then I was at a 7 so they quickly rushed the anesthesiologist into the room to give me my epidural since the pain of the contractions was getting fairly strong. Who would have guessed the epidural would be more painful and difficult than the delivery (for both Seth and me)? Continue reading We’re home…

First of many

After much procrastination the day has finally arrived. The Seth Johnson Family blog is official and live. I am looking forward to having this chance to write about the happenings in our crazy life and sharing them with all of our friends and family. I won’t try to play catch up. I’ll just start as of Christmas. **Keep in mind that baby Drew is due to arrive any day so keep checkin’ back for some photos to be posted of our newest addition — hopefully sooner than later. 🙂 **

Christmas 2007

We had a great time Christmas this year! My dad and his wife (G’pa Gary and G’ma Kathy as they are better known around here) were able to spend the holidays with us. It is a first for our family to have any visitors from Alaska during Christmas so it was exciting and the kids loved it! Santa arrived on time and left plenty of presents for all to enjoy. The kids are still trying to figure out how Santa managed to squeeze down our small fireplace. 🙂 Below are some photos of our Christmas. Enjoy! Continue reading Christmas 2007