Wannabe Roadie

So I finally purchased a road bike. My Dad rides, several friends in my neighborhood ride, and now I can join them. I’ve been wanting one for the last several years for fun and for exercise. And, now that gasoline prices are nearing $4 per gallon, commuting by bicycle will save me serious dollars at the pump.

I spent several weeks visiting the local bike shops learning about different road bikes and shopping around. I found several potential steeds, but I kept one eye on the online classifieds for a good used model to avoid the cost of buying new. I found one that looked promising, even though the initial asking price was more than I was willing to pay. After a week or so of negotiations I finally purchased a 2007 Cannondale Six13 Team 3.

Seth’s New Bike

The Six13 is a pretty sweet bike. For those in the know, it has the standard carbon fork, aluminum frame with carbon drop-outs on the top and down tubes, 105 components with an Ultegra derailleur. For my non-cyclist friends, all that cycle-jargon above means the bike is fast, lightweight, and cool.

My bike shopping experience taught me that bikes were not cheap, so I was able to set aside some fund for the purchase. However, I wasn’t prepared for the plethora of accessories and additional equipment any decent cyclist should have. And, surprise, surprise — it doesn’t come cheap. So if any of you want to become official sponsors of the Super Elite Seth Johnson Cycling Club, you can purchase me some cool accessories from my Amazon wish list.

I’m looking forward to becoming an actual roadie (you have ride several hundred miles before you can move out of the wannabe class), getting into shape, and riding with my family and friends. Manina has also been suspiciously supportive throughout this process — my only guess is that she’s looking forward to seeing me in lycra.

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