The Forgotten Baseball Season

Drew was excited to start baseball season this year. He’s played teeball before, but this was going to be his first year of little league (it’s machine pitch at his age). He plays for the Cubs. Thankfully (for reasons which will soon become clear), Drew’s friend Micah is also on the team.

Unfortunately due to our hectic family schedule Drew has played many innings without his family there to watch the game, cheer him on, or give him coaching on how to play baseball. His season isn’t over yet, but so far it has been a forgotten baseball season for Drew.

This story kind of sums up Drew’s baseball season so far: Late one afternoon, Manina told Drew to be ready for his baseball game starting at 6:45pm. Drew was excited to play, so he ran and found his hat, uniform, and grabbed his glove. He got dressed all by himself and then ran out the door, saying, “Bye, Mom!” and he ran off to Micah’s house. Drew didn’t ask who was coming to his game, he already knew the drill. He would carpool with the Jensen’s and go play the game with none of his family there cheering him on. It’s a little sad, because we were always at the games for our older kids, but Drew already knows that doesn’t happen very much any more. He was totally OK going to the game with his team and having fun with his buddies.


We finally got to a game as a family and it was fun to see Drew play and have fun. He put on quite a show for us. He went 3 for 3, and scored 2 runs.


In the field, he still has a lot to learn, but did knock down a couple grounders (and had no idea what to do with the ball afterwards).


Since Grandma Ria was visiting, she got to cheer on Drew as well. He probably didn’t know what to do with all of the support.

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  1. Way to GO, Drewski! G’ma Kathy and I are super proud of you! We wish we had been there to see you on your first season (’cause we know you’re good!) but we will make at least one of your games in the near future. Congratulations on the step up to Little League.

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