Basketball has come and gone.

The three older kids have been busy playing lots of basketball over the past few months. Jake started back in October on a competition team so he has been playing for months and months. Megan and Katelyn both played Junior Jazz from January to March.

The girls love playing basketball and they improve so much every year. I really enjoy watching them. Even now, after basketball has ended, I still frequently find them in the backyard playing “speed” and “one-on-one” with the neighbors.

Jake played on a new team this year, Flight, with a bunch of really great boys. They went undefeated all season. Unfortunately they lost in the championship game to a team they had beaten earlier in the season.

I am super proud of all the kids. I especially love how they put so much heart into the sport they are playing. I am sure it is not surprising that we won’t be getting a break around here as soccer is already well underway for Megan and baseball is starting up next week for Jake.

Coach Peterson & Coach Brinkman with Team Flight

Katelyn and the rest of her Jr. Jazz basketball team.

The only picture I managed to get of Megan this year.

Happy Birthday Katelyn!

Our sweet KK turned nine this week. Wow, how time does fly! I can tenderly remember the day she was born. What a sweetheart! Although she has changed and is growing up quickly, I notice that some things haven’t changed. She still lets me hold her, cuddle her and she begs for back rubs at all times of the day. She has an abundance of creativity and is always finding news ways to express herself (paint, clay, tinfoil, etc.).

Most importantly though, she is a kind, loving, and sweet person/daughter/sister/friend. I love you Katelyn Paige!

Jacob accompanying our “happy birthday” song to Katelyn

Happy 9th birthday!


Boots from G’ma Ria

Olympics are in the air!

Katelyn ended the summer with a fun gymnastics meet. She only participates at a recreational level but in hopes to get more girls to go competitive they put on a sample meet where the girls competed against themselves.

Katelyn did great, but realized she doesn’t love competition. She got pretty nervous and uncomfortable. I tried to convince her those nerves would subside over time and more meets but she wasn’t convinced. So this is her last month and last meet she will be in for a while. She has decided to try a semester of Irish Dance.

Below are pictures of Katelyn on the bars, balance beam and the floor routine. She also did the vault, but I didn’t get a picture of it. Overall she got one blue ribbon (first on floor), one red ribbon (second on bars and vault) and a purple ribbon (third on beam). The beam makes her the most nervous. I can’t really say I blame her. After watching the Olympics you couldn’t convince me to jump around on the beam.

Katelyn did a fantastic job and we are so proud of her hard work in gymnastics over the past couple years!

Our Budding Artist

Katelyn has always been my artsy daughter. She can draw on the Etch-A-Sketch like it is a pencil and paper. She is always coming up with fun ways to make stuff. Well the other day she starting making things out of aluminum foil. She made something for most members of our family. She made dad a guy on a bike. She made Megan a girl playing soccer. She made Claire a girl doing a headstand and she made G’pa Mike a guy in a wheelchair holding a rifle. I wish I had pictures of all of them, but I don’t. They were pretty amazing. I will post a few pictures of the ones I have. She told me she wants to try clay next. I am sure she will do something crazy good with that as well.

A girl bouncing a soccer ball on her knee.

Sports Galore

We are always involved in some type of sport around our house so I never think to post about it. Basketball season ended last month. Jake played on a team that played in several leagues so it went from October to February. We were happy to see it finally come to an end. Jake started the season off strong and hit three-pointers like nobody’s business. It was really fun to watch him and his confidence grow. By the end of the season he was shooting less, but his defensive skills increased a ton.

Megan and Katelyn played on a the same city league team. It was actually a 3/4th grade team, but since Seth was the coach we figured we could sneak Katelyn on as a 2nd grader. And the funny thing is, she fit in just fine. She kept up with most the girls on the team, no problem. Megan led the team in scoring and nobody could outrun her on the court. This year was Katelyn’s first year of basketball and she picked up on it right away. She dominated on defensive. Seth actually had to tell her to quit taking the ball from the girls she was defending so they could have a chance to play. She also scored several baskets and most of all, had a lot of fun.

Megan listening intently as her dad coaches the team.