Little Drew

A friend of mine was nice enough to come over and take some photos of Drew when he was just a week old (visit Sue Richardson Photography to see more of her work). She did a great job especially considering how uncooperative Drew was being. He wanted to eat his fists most of the time. I thought these photos were sweet. It is too bad they don’t stay this way for very long. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Best Snow on Earth

We woke this morning to find about 8 inches of snow on the ground, with more falling. I went outside at about 7AM to start shoveling, but soon recognized the futility of my efforts. It was still snowing heavily; by the time I had half the driveway cleared, another half inch had fallen where I had just shoveled.

Since I don’t have a 4WD vehicle I decided to VPN in to work instead of braving the commute. Thank heaven for technology. I went inside, had breakfast with the kids, logged on to my computer, and put off shoveling until the snow stopped.

The kids were out of school for Martin Luther King, Jr’s Day, so they came outside to help me shovel the driveway and sidewalks. It was much easier with their help. After we finished, the kids were able to stay outside and play in Utah’s famous fluffy, powdery snow while I went back inside to work. Here is a picture of Katelyn and Megan having fun in the snow.

Katelyn and Megan Sledding

Just starting basketball

Jacob BasketballSo far basketball has been going really good. Our team name is the Wildcats. My friends and I did not like it at all, but these other kids on my team liked it so we compromised and made it into the Kentucky Wildcats. Even though we’re not from Kentucky we like the name a lot better. My first game was 1/8/o8. The team we first played was a pretty good team. The kid I was guarding was good — man, that guy was good. He got away from me which usually doesn’t happen. I scored 8 points that game. The first shot was a beautiful swish. I haven’t done a layup yet — just wait, I’ll do one.

Last night we had our second basketball game. I made the last shot before the buzzer. We lost the game though and I wasn’t very happy.

One week

Drew is one week old today. It is hard to believe that a whole week has passed since his birth. He has been a fantastic baby so far. He isn’t particularly fussy. He only cries if he is hungry or needs to be changed. Other than that he is happy being held or hanging out in his bouncie. Last night I was able to get eight hours of sleep. He only woke up twice to eat (once at midnight and once at 5:30 am) and he slept until 9 am. He is the sweetest little guy! The other kids adore him and fight over who gets to hold him. Claire runs around the house yelling “baby gubber” (aka brother). He will be well loved in this family. 🙂 Here is a recent photo of him.