Drew’s Blessing

We blessed Drew on February 24th. He was such a little angel. He will be two months old this week. He is still the size of a peanut and hardly looks like he has changed. He is smiling and cooing now and is as precious as can be. Here are a few photos from his blessing.


Little Drew


Jacob, Drew, Megan, and Katelyn


Grandma Jan and Grandpa Mike w/Drew

Surviving in a Snowcave

Several weeks ago I had the “opportunity” to go snowcaving with our scouts. I am the assistant scoutmaster so I frequently head out on these types of adventures, but none are as hard core as our annual snowcave trip. It’s enough to make me feel like a regular Bear Grylls.

“I’m going to show you how I survived a night in the brutal backcountry of the Wasatch mountains in the middle of winter.” Continue reading Surviving in a Snowcave

Losing my coat

Lost CoatA couple days ago, I lost my winter coat at school. When I came home I said to my mom, “Mom at recess I was hot so I took off my coat”. And we’re not supposed to play football on the sidewalk, so we went to the field, and I forgot to get my coat, and after recess I noticed my coat was not there, after that I asked my teacher if I could look in other classrooms.

It wasn’t in 1 classroom I looked in. Then I checked in the Lost and Found, it still wasn’t there.

The next day I did the same thing. And the next day, I still couldn’t find it. After school it was the weekend so I searched with my teacher Mrs. Stone. We couldn’t find it so next week if we find it, I’m going to be more careful!

Fun in the Sun

At home we still have a lot of snow on the ground. When the opportunity came to escape the cold and drive down to warmer weather for a long weekend we jumped at the chance. St. George is a great getaway this time of year.

After church today we decided to visit Snow Canyon. It’s a nice little state park with lots of fun activities for our little ones (thanks for the recommendation, Ben).

First we had a picnic and played in the sand dunes. Except for Claire, the kids had a great time. Claire didn’t like getting dirty, but she had no problem eating the sand that frequently coated her tootsie-pop. Gross.

Fun at the Sand Dunes

After about an hour in the sun at the sand dunes we were getting pretty hot. The temperature must have been pushing 70 degrees. We decided to explore a near-by slot canyon called Jennie’s Canyon. It was a quick, short hike and the kids enjoyed the shelter from the sun and loved playing in all of the nooks and crannies of the slot canyon.

Slot Canyon

The kids were pretty wiped out after a fun day in the sun. We’ll return tomorrow with our sunburned noses and rosy cheeks, ready to wait out the remaining months of winter.

‘Tis the season of tagging

Apparently I have been tagged again, but this time about me. I don’t have anything terribly exciting to share about myself but here goes…

Things I was doing 10 Years Ago:

  1. Attending BYU
  2. Waiting for my missionary (now husband) to return home from Scotland.
  3. Volunteering as a physical therapy aide at UVRMC

Things on my to-do list today:
You don’t even want to know. I am a list person and my ‘to-do’ lists are always very lengthy. Here are a few things on my list for today: Order Drew’s baby pics; balance check book; iron Seth’s shirts (way backed up on this); call Meg’s dance instructor to see if Meg left her jazz shoe; pack for St. George; order blazer for Jacob; call my sister; mop; clean master bath; finish writing “thank-you” notes; mail package to my Mom; and the list goes on but I’ll stop there. 🙂

3 Snacks I enjoy:

  1. Edamame
  2. Red Vines
  3. Chips and Salsa

What I would do if I were a billionaire:

  1. Pay off all debt (home, car, etc).
  2. Tell Seth to quit his job and start pursuing his own business (a huge dream of his).
  3. Invest and live off the interest.

Nobody needs a billion dollars. That is a ridiculous amount of money. I would share it with family, friends and those who need it.

3 bad habits:

  1. After I buy an item at a store I always check other stores to see if I got a good deal. Sometimes it can be really frustrating if I didn’t get a good price, but I almost always do. 🙂
  2. I can’t sit still. Even when I watch a movie I am always doing something…working on the computer, making a to-do list, etc.
  3. Sometimes I finish people’s sentences. I try not to, but I catch myself doing it every now and again.

Jobs I’ve Had:

  1. Customer Support Supervisor for Sparks.net (currently)
  2. Managed Apartments while at BYU
  3. Landscaping crew at Ricks College
  4. Admin Assistant at Nature’s Way

Things People Might Not Know About Me:

  1. I ran a marathon while 14 weeks pregnant
  2. My middle name is “Silke” (My mom is German and that is a German name.)
  3. I am a really good fisherman. Growing up in Alaska taught me how to fish with the best of ’em!
  4. I fear getting old and not being able to do the things I normally do.
  5. I have five kids and I would have more if my husband didn’t insist we were done.

So there you have it! That is me in a nutshell. 🙂 Now I tag: Chantel, Alysa, and Alison