Manina’s 41st Birthday

Manina had quite the jam-packed day for her 41st birthday. It started out with her girlfriends Hannah Stayner, Penny Bergeron, and Emily Hunter taking her out for breakfast.

When Manina came home, we had a quick birthday song and gave her a new bike: a 2016 Trek FX 7.2 WSD. I was pretty proud of this gift — she’s been wanting a bike like this for a while.

In keeping with tradition, Manina wanted to take the family on a little outing. We went ice skating at Seven Peaks ice arena. Unfortunately, that was pretty much a flop. Drew barely left the wall, Megan lasted for all of 10 minutes, before stating how stupid this all was, then Jake left to go stare at his phone along with her, but at least nobody was seriously injured.

We left after only an hour and pretty much swore never to do it again. Then we went out to dinner at El Gallo Giro in Provo and ordered one too many entrees.

It was a pretty darn good 41st birthday for Manina!

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