Manina’s 40th Birthday

Manina is 40! She requested to keep things small this year, not wanting to inconvenience anyone during the busy holiday season. But even with her request, she managed to have a pretty jam-packed day of celebration.

First thing was a breakfast and an all-expenses-paid shopping trip with a couple close friends. Emily, Penny and Manina enjoyed breakfast at the Black Bear Diner and then shopped at Downeast and then went on to Manina’s favorite store, the Loft. She found lots of cute outfits, and bought all of them.

After the shopping spree, Manina came home for Ellie’s gingerbread program (our last one) and a quick lunch and then it was off to Megan’s basketball game.

Right after Megan’s game, we drove to PF Changs for dinner. We enjoyed a semi-formal dinner with the kids (that usually doesn’t happen – we were happy they were well-behaved this time).

After dinner we all drove down to the Marriott Center for a BYU basketball game. Nick Emery, TJ Haws, Erik Mika and company all put on a pretty good show against Cal State – Bakersfield. The Roadrunners got within 10 towards the end, making the game a little nerve-wracking, but the Cougs held them off.

On the way home our neighbors even lit up their house with pink and yellow lights (because Manina had teasingly mentioned it a few days earlier).

While it was a great day, the highlight was all of the nice comments and notes and gifts that many people sent. Manina certainly has a way with people and has many friends who helped make her day very special. Happy birthday, Manina!

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