Labor Day Lofty Lake Loop Hike

For Labor Day we decided to head up into the Uinta mountains and go for a family hike. I did the hike last year with my brother Eli and his dog, Bert (short for Albert Einstein). So, I knew what to expect and where to go.

We didn’t have any plans for the holiday, so we weren’t pressed to get out the door. It was nice not to have to rush, but we did end up fighting a few kids who were stubbornly refusing to go (hi, Jake!). After we narrowly averted WWIII and signed a treaty, we all piled into the suburban and made the 90 minute drive to the trail head.

It was a perfect day for a hike. Temps were in the low 60s and the sun was out. We elected to hike the loop in a clockwise direction, mainly because I had done it the other way a year before. We enjoyed the nice hike through the meadows at the base of Reid’s Peak and Bald Mountain.


Then the trail turned up, and we had a steep climb up to Kamas lake. This was a tough section, but everyone made it just fine. We took a couple pictures and moved on.



There was another good climb up to our next stop, Lofty Lake, but the scenery overlooking the basin was beautiful. Manina couldn’t bear to watch Jake and Megan taking some pictures while jumping high in the air on this ledge. So she pressed on, sure that one of her kids was going to die (spoiler alert: everyone was just fine.)


The trail flattened out and started to head downhill just after Lofty Lake. Spirits were high and we made good time on the second half of the loop.


We passed Scout Lake and Picturesque Lake, but by that time we were too close to the end to stop and take in the scenery. Everyone was pushing for the finish.


For a family hike, we made really good time. We stopped for some well-deserved pizza on the way home, and everyone agreed it was a great way to spend our Labor Day holiday.

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