Katelyn’s cute brace face

Katelyn got braces today. She was pretty excited about it, but wanted to keep it a secret from her family and friends so she could share her big reveal. She wouldn’t even tell Drew and Ellie why she wasn’t going to school.

The procedure went well and she came home with all sorts of goodies. A new toothbrush, a voucher for a free smoothie, a new t-shirt, and a face full of metal.



She enjoyed the attention from everyone for the first little bit, but that quickly wore off and the discomfort set in. Her mouth was pretty painful by late afternoon.

Still, she was positive when making her obligatory Instagram post which announced that she was “Officially a BRACE FACE”. It was flooded with likes and supportive comments from all of Katelyn’s many friends, many of whom are also sporting braces.


See, cute as ever, even with braces.

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