Highland Elementary Hawk Walk

Every year Highland Elementary holds it’s only fundraiser, the Hawk Walk. Normally I am not a fan of fundraisers, but for some reason I look forward to this one every year. The kids can get pledges per lap or a flat amount. My kids usually just have me sponsor them and sometimes a grandparent, but that is about all. Not a real big money maker from our family, but it the excitement these kids get when participating is so fun!

They grab their workout clothes, water bottles and sunscreen and although you don’t have to run (you can walk too) my kids like to make a goal to beat their laps ran from the previous year. Some years I run with them and others I run around and cheer them on. They often run at different times on different fields so I am bouncing all around to keep up with them all.

They have music booming, parents cheering, cheerleaders rooting on the kids and of course the Highland Hawk runs around and hooting and hollering. And of course nothing is better than the otter pops they get when they are done. All of my kids have participated in this at some point in their elementary years and they love it. We are already excited for next year!






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