Goblin Valley

Several months back, Seth took the scouts to Goblin Valley. After hearing about how much fun they had, I decided to plan a trip there for our family. It didn’t disappoint. We had amazing time together, away, just us, having fun.

Friday morning the weather was looking pretty bad. By the time we got packed up and headed out, it looked even worse. The rain was pouring and the sun was long gone. We made it to Spanish Fork and decided to have one last, decent meal before we got out of town. It was still pouring! We had to park quite some distance from the entrance because we were pulling a trailer. By the time we got in to eat, we were pretty wet. I wanted to turn back and go home. Thankfully Cafe Rio was fabulous as always. We ran back to the car and of course got soaked all over again. And off we went to Goblin Valley.

Upon arrival, we were thrilled to see it wasn’t raining. It was obvious rain had been there, but it seemed to have moved on. It was pretty cold though so the trailer came in mighty handy (thank you to the Francis’ who let us borrow it). We cooked spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. We had the heater going and the kids played cards. After dinner we made sure everyone was set up for bed. The tent would house four of us and the pop-up would house the other four. I am not sure what is about camping, but bed time is always hours earlier. I think we were all in bed, asleep by 9:30 pm.

Playing Cards

The next morning brought sunny blue skies. We were relieved. After a breakfast of hot chocolate and donuts, we packed up some snacks, the soccer ball, and headed over to Goblin Valley. We let the kids climb the rocks, kick the ball, play hide-and-seek, and lots of running around. We spent several hours there. It was such a unique place. I have never seen anything quite like it.

We came back to camp for lunch and then headed to Little Wild Horse Canyon for a hike through the slot canyon. It was a gorgeous hike. The only drawback was the water. Because of all the rain, we couldn’t hike very far into the canyon. Jake, Meg, KK and I trudged through water that was hip high before we decided it was time to turn around.

We came back to camp for burgers and Seth made a dutch oven peach-blueberry cobbler. Food always tastes SO good when you are camping! The rest of the night consisted of lots of card games, hikes around the hills by the camp, showers, stargazing and more. There was about an hour that Seth and I sat under the stars visiting (no TV, no cell, no interruptions). We could hear the kids playing in the tent and we realized how much we love moments like this. We then made a promise that we needed to do it a lot more often. *I am trying to convince him we need a trailer our own! 🙂

Master Chef

Blueberry-Peach Cobbler

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