Drew’s 9th Birthday!

Drew buddy turned 9! I checked Drew out of school and took him to lunch. Seth met Drew and I at Cafe Rio and we had a great lunch together. While in line, there were some firefighters that overheard it was Drew’s birthday and they had the Cafe Rio employees sing to him. Drew was a bit embarrassed but I think he secretly enjoyed it.

This year is a family birthday and he wanted to go to Classic Fun Center to go roller skating. The kids all seemed to have a really good time, even with the interesting crowd you get at those skate places. 🙂

And then home for cake and present…what a fun day!

He is a Bear cub scout now!

Drew is such a good kid. Although he can be a normal rambunctious little boy, he is generally a quiet little over-achiever. He loves to read, build things and play computer games, but most of the time he can be found either on our basketball court or the soccer field. He is quick and coordinated and works hard. One of the cutest things is that recently Drew has started going to the adult choir practice in our church. Every Sunday morning he gets on his suit and heads to practice and then performs with them each month when they sing in church. It really is the cutest thing! We love our Drew buddy!

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