Claire’s field trip to Timpanogos Cave

I volunteered to go with Claire’s class to hike up to Timpanogos Cave in American Fork Canyon. I have been fortunate enough to have gone on this fifth grade field trip with Miss Louw’s class three times in the past. I always volunteer because I love it. If you’re going to go on a field trip with 35 fifth graders, it is hard to beat being outside with beautiful scenery and lots of excited kids. Plus, it provides a some good morning exercise as well.


The class was broken up into six groups. We were the lead group and Miss Louw spaced every group about five minutes apart. We had to stop at each number and read the brochure and discuss the rocks, lichen, canyon, animals, etc. Then the students document it by taking notes and pictures.



Unfortunately, because of all the stops we are unable to tour the cave at the top of the canyon. However, our group made really good time getting to the top and the ranger, Deb, really took a liking to us and let us take a sneak peak in the first two caves. The kids were so excited so see the rocks and formations.

IMG_1478 9.28.57 PM

IMG_1477 9.28.57 PM

We enjoyed walking down the trail on our way back catching views of the things we missed on the way up. It is such a great little hike. The kids were surprisingly well behaved. Plus, I got to spend some quality time with Claire, which doesn’t happen nearly enough in our big family of eight.


IMG_1479 9.28.57 PM


Lunch at the end…food never tasted so good! 🙂

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