Christmas 2007

We had a great time Christmas this year! My dad and his wife (G’pa Gary and G’ma Kathy as they are better known around here) were able to spend the holidays with us. It is a first for our family to have any visitors from Alaska during Christmas so it was exciting and the kids loved it! Santa arrived on time and left plenty of presents for all to enjoy. The kids are still trying to figure out how Santa managed to squeeze down our small fireplace. 🙂 Below are some photos of our Christmas. Enjoy!

Sunday before Christmas

The Nativity Scene at Grandma Jan’s house.

‘Twas the night before Christmas…

Spy Gear…sweet!

Nothin’ better than Hanna Montana!

The only kind of puppy Mom will allow.

Unwrapping is the best part!

4 thoughts on “Christmas 2007”

  1. Hey Manina! Thanks for letting us know about your blog! You have such a cute little family! You’re kids always look so cute and clean with cute hair! You must be a good mom. Good luck with little baby Drew!!!

  2. Thanks! I just happen to have VERY girly girls who would sit still for hours while I did their hair every day (if I would/could do it). Hence the reason my hair is never done. 🙂 Luckily this one is a boy…no need to do his hair.

  3. Hey, Mani, Seth and Kids!
    Thanks for letting G’ma Kathy and I know about your new family website. This will be fun for all of us on both sides of the family. We always enjoyed seeing you and the kids on G’pa Mike and G’ma Jan’s site but always felt a little like a peeping-tom or an intruder sneaking through all the family gossip in order to see the grandkids.

    G’ma Kathy and I really enjoyed spending Christmas with all of you. It was such fun to be with the kids for the first time at Christmas. We’ll have to work on having a complete “Fandel” gathering sometime with G’ma Ria, Derek and Alison and Erika and the boys. Keep the good stuff coming!
    Dad/G’pa Gary

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