Happy 5th Birthday Katelyn!

Katelyn turned 5 on Wednesday. I find it a hectic time to have a birthday as we are barely over the Halloween chaos, but Katelyn made it easy this year. She said she would prefer to forgo a big party and instead, take a trip to Build-A-Bear. We have been there often to get an outfit or two for the girls’ bears, but her bear was starting to look pretty worn and she wanted a new one. So off we went to Build-A-Bear and that is where her new bear Holly, was born. Continue reading Happy 5th Birthday Katelyn!

Toothless wonder!

It seems that every day Megan comes home from school disappointed that another classmate had lost their tooth. She so badly wanted it to be her. She’s had a wiggly tooth for a couple months now, but didn’t want to disturb it for fear it might hurt. I noticed it was starting to turn grey so I knew it had to be pretty loose. I told her it was time to get the tooth out. She said, “I have an idea” and then she pulled out the tool – Dad’s multi tool. Continue reading Toothless wonder!

Holy Costco!

Whoever said little kids don’t eat a lot have not met my children. My most recent trip to Costco resulted in a van full of bread (6 loaves to be exact), four gallons of milk, 1 large block of cheese…and no, this is not food storage for the year, but merely just the staples for two weeks. It actually stuns me every time I come home and unload my van and look at all the food. It even stuns me more to see the tab. $300 at Costco isn’t outrageous for our family. Sadly, it seems almost normal. Of course we do splurge on some extras…gotta have Jelly Belly’s every now and again, right? However, most of it is food to fill school lunches and make dinner. Wow, that is all I can say, wow! Continue reading Holy Costco!

From Worse to Bad

So today was rough. It started off on my way into work. I knew my company was having layoffs today, and after being reassured by all the powers that be that my department was safe, some late-breaking developments suggested otherwise. I found out 1 or 2 people would be let go from my already thin department. I really wasn’t looking forward to getting in the office. Continue reading From Worse to Bad