Some modest milestones

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game using a GPS, and it’s our latest family hobby. You can find out more about geocaching by reading the FAQs and also on wikipedia. Our family loves being outdoors and exploring this beautiful state, and so geocaching is something we can all enjoy together.

The kids particularly like finding caches and rifling through all the toys and treasures in the cache. Jacob and Megan are getting to be expert spotters and can usually find a cache if we can get them to within 20 feet. I’m becoming very adept at knowing the general location of the cache from a distance, and Manina prides herself in finding caches everyone else has given up on. We make a pretty good team, although it can be awkward when other non-geocachers (muggles) are watching you trying to figure out what you’re up to. Once, I got accused of being part of an elaborate drug-smuggling operation.

We hit a few geocaching milestones on our trip to sunny St. George this last weekend. Continue reading Some modest milestones

Best of 2008 is now a year old, and in the honor of the god Janus (for whom January is named) we’ll take a look back at 2008 before looking ahead to the new year.

So, here are some of our favorite posts from 2008. What a year!

January: Drew’s arrival trumps everything else. Five kids. Wow.

February: We’re a family of freaks, and this post highlighting all our bizarre talents proves it.

March: A busy month. I survived in a snowcave, Drew got blessed, and the kids made a huge mess for FHE.

April: Started the month with a classic April Fools’ joke which scared more than one or two of you; Jacob shows off his dancing skills.

May: We made several all-time stupid decisions which were both very stressful and expensive.

June: Manina won a washer and dryer set.

July: Jacob gets baptized. Claire goes to the hospital.

August: Summer wraps up with a fun golf outing and Seth conquering Suncrest.

September: We took a fun trip to St. George where Seth hiked the narrows and Manina went to Les Mis.

October: We love the fall leaves in the mountains and Halloween.

November: Megan has been losing teeth this year.

December: Manina has been losing money this year.

Hope you enjoyed 2008 as much as we did! To view more posts from 2008, be sure to visit the archives page, or you can also use the handy little search box too!

Anasazi Ridge

The oldest three kids and I made the hike to Anasazi ridge during our Thanksgiving trip to St. George. Anasazi ridge (also known as Land Hill) is kind of a strange place. There is no real trail head, no signs on how to get there. It’s public BLM-owned land, but it’s a tough place to find out in the middle of nowhere.

After parking and hiking about a half mile up and over seemingly barren ridge, we found the spot. There were lots of big boulders filled with petroglyphs. It was well worth the hike. The kids had a ball scrambling around the rocks finding different shapes and symbols. Continue reading Anasazi Ridge

Hiking the Narrows at Zion

Zion National Park is one of my favorite places on earth. I love the scenery and the hikes. It’s a place people come from all over the world to see, and that I have access to it with just a short drive.

So when my cousin Ben (I’d link to his blog, but it’s one of those annoying private ones) asked me if I would like to join some other family members on a hike down the Narrows, I was in. Continue reading Hiking the Narrows at Zion

Les Miserables in Tuacahn

This weekend our family made a quick trip to St. George to visit my dad. Seth thought it would be a good idea for my dad and I to sneak out for a “daddy/daughter” date and go see Les Miserables at the Tuacahn Theatre in St. George. I have not been to very many musicals in my life. I now realize just what I was missing. It was fabulous! I so enjoyed myself and even more so the time I got to spend with my dad. It was nice to get away for dinner and the show by ourselves and just talk. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to go down that way for another show. I would highly recommend it! Continue reading Les Miserables in Tuacahn