Les Miserables in Tuacahn

This weekend our family made a quick trip to St. George to visit my dad. Seth thought it would be a good idea for my dad and I to sneak out for a “daddy/daughter” date and go see Les Miserables at the Tuacahn Theatre in St. George. I have not been to very many musicals in my life. I now realize just what I was missing. It was fabulous! I so enjoyed myself and even more so the time I got to spend with my dad. It was nice to get away for dinner and the show by ourselves and just talk. I can’t wait for my next opportunity to go down that way for another show. I would highly recommend it! Continue reading Les Miserables in Tuacahn

Midway Getaway

Last week we enjoyed a “Mike and Jan Johnson” family reunion in Midway. It consisted of two days for “girls only” (with the exception of little Drew who joined us). We spent those days eating out, shopping in Park City, swimming in the pool at the condo and playing games. The boys then joined us on Thursday. We did some miniature golfing and then had a gelato at the cute little Swiss pastry shop near the course. Later that night we had a cookout with burgers and corn on the cob and then Friday we spent most of the morning/afternoon at Deer Creek on the beach and in the boat. Continue reading Midway Getaway

Surviving in a Snowcave

Several weeks ago I had the “opportunity” to go snowcaving with our scouts. I am the assistant scoutmaster so I frequently head out on these types of adventures, but none are as hard core as our annual snowcave trip. It’s enough to make me feel like a regular Bear Grylls.

“I’m going to show you how I survived a night in the brutal backcountry of the Wasatch mountains in the middle of winter.” Continue reading Surviving in a Snowcave

Fun in the Sun

At home we still have a lot of snow on the ground. When the opportunity came to escape the cold and drive down to warmer weather for a long weekend we jumped at the chance. St. George is a great getaway this time of year.

After church today we decided to visit Snow Canyon. It’s a nice little state park with lots of fun activities for our little ones (thanks for the recommendation, Ben).

First we had a picnic and played in the sand dunes. Except for Claire, the kids had a great time. Claire didn’t like getting dirty, but she had no problem eating the sand that frequently coated her tootsie-pop. Gross.

Fun at the Sand Dunes

After about an hour in the sun at the sand dunes we were getting pretty hot. The temperature must have been pushing 70 degrees. We decided to explore a near-by slot canyon called Jennie’s Canyon. It was a quick, short hike and the kids enjoyed the shelter from the sun and loved playing in all of the nooks and crannies of the slot canyon.

Slot Canyon

The kids were pretty wiped out after a fun day in the sun. We’ll return tomorrow with our sunburned noses and rosy cheeks, ready to wait out the remaining months of winter.