Spelling Bee 2013

And folks, we have another fantastic speller in our family! As you have probably read in years past, Jake has participated and done well in several spelling bees. Megan was hesitant to participate for fear she wouldn’t do as well as Jake has done, but she was wrong. She did great! She came in at second place after another boy from her class who is very bright. Here are her words in the order she spelled them:

  • syllable
  • hospital
  • cancel
  • abduction
  • facilitate
  • authoritarian
  • antagonism
  • affinity
  • adamant
  • figurine
  • valetudinarian
  • illicit
  • herbalist
  • jeopardize
  • vagrancy
  • agnostic
  • abhorrence
  • gastrovascular

She spelled all of the above words correct. It was down to her and one other boy, Daniel, for the last 7 words on that list. Her final word was “fraudulent” and she misspelled it. I have to say I think the announcer said it incorrectly (more like fraugulent) but that wasn’t for me to decide. She still did and amazing job, taking second out of over 100 kids! Way to go Megan. I can’t wait for next year!


Megan (second), Daniel (first) and Isa (third)

Can Do!

Jacob decided to run for the 8th grade representative for student council for the next school year. In 8th grade at his junior high school, they don’t have the traditional student council positions, just a couple representative spots: one male, and one female representative.

The application process was rigorous. Jacob had to get a teacher recommendation, create a one-minute video (see below), create one flyer, write a report, and submit a transcript. The winner would be selected by both popular vote and faculty vote.

Jake and I had a lot of fun together creating the video. He came up with the main idea, I refined it a little bit and did some of the producing and directing. He was nervous about it because it was to be shown in front of the whole school during morning announcements.

This isn’t his first time running for student council. In 6th grade he ran for student body president and won, but he was pretty nervous this time around.

He came home a few weeks ago, beaming. The videos were shown to the whole school during morning announcements. Jacob said, “All year I’ve been totally anonymous and now even 9th graders came up to me and said they liked my video.”

It must have worked, because he won.

Preview of Jacob's Campaign Flyer

Bear Hollow Preschool

Today was Drew’s first day at Bear Hollow Preschool. This has been a much anticipated day for him. He couldn’t have been more excited! Although I will miss having my little buddy around in the afternoons, I know he will love his time at school. Ellie, on the other hand, is really gonna miss him. Drew is her best friend. I guess I will just have to make sure she is napping while he is away and she will never know he is gone! 🙂

Drew doing his first activity of preschool.

Drew and his friend Natalie on their way home from school. Drew said it was a great day!

Drew and Ellie…best buds!