Jake & Lilly – Junior Prom 2017

Jake asked Lilly to his Junior Prom. Although I am not privy to all the details it looked like they had a great time together. They spent the morning mountain climbing with the group of friends.

After he picked up Lily for the dance, they went and ate dinner at the Alpine Country Club and headed out to the dance. They had a great time!

Dual Sip Straw: Drew’s Invention Fair

Oh how I love the invention fair and the stress that falls upon mom and dad to help come up with something creative. However, as I have gotten older and wiser, I don’t really invest any of my time into this anymore. After all, it is for the kids, not us, right parents? I just encourage my kids to come up with something creative on their own, no matter how simple it may be.

Drew did just that and created the “Dual Sip Straw” that you can use to drink of multiple drinks at the same time creating a fun little drink mixture. No stress for mom, extra confidence for Drew in knowing he came up with this on his own. Win, win for everyone. Nice job Drew!


What is Your Story: Reflections 2016

Every year a few of my kids like to enter the Reflections contest that we have at our school. Claire had taken this picture of trails splitting on a hike we had gone on this summer. She entered it into reflections relating it to how your story is determined by the path we take and no matter what path you take, you can get a great story. It was pretty creative and she won the Award of Excellence (the highest award) for photography and advanced on to the next level. Nice job Claire!

Claire and Principal Reed Hodson