We bought a beater

Jacob has only been a licensed driver for a couple months. In the short time he has been driving, he has had the following incidents:

  1. First, he got a speeding ticket and tried to keep it on the down-low. That didn’t work out so well since the first thing the police department does with a traffic offense with a minor is write a letter to your parents.
  2. He had a collision with a deer. The deer pretty much hopped up onto the hood of the car leaving a nice dent and some scratches on the hood.
  3. His buddy backed into him at homecoming, denting the driver’s door and front quarter panel

Now, my car isn’t a great car by any means — it’s a 2006.5 Kia Optima with almost 115k miles on it. But, I bought it new and have taken good care of it. It should have quite a lot of life left.

But, with school starting and Jake having an early-morning class, he has had to drive almost every day to school. The Lone Peak high school parking lot is famous for dings, dents, and frequent accidents. I just can’t have him wreck my car any more. So, when Uncle Greg said he was getting rid of his Honda, we jumped at it.


It’s a 1993 Honda Accord. The paint is peeling in a couple places and the hitch is almost rusted completely through, but mechanically it seems like it’s pretty good shape. If you look closely at the odometer, you’ll notice it has 340,763.6 miles on it.


It passed safety and emissions with flying colors. The mechanic said it’s not uncommon for the engines in these Honda’s to go for 500k+ miles.

Since it is a manual 5-speed transmission, Jake had to learn how to drive a stick. At one point, he made Drew cry because he was scared he was going to die as Jake jerkily started through an intersection and then stalled it out. But, he’s got the hang of it now.


We spent a whopping $500 on this car, so any miles we can squeeze out of it are purely bonus miles. Let’s hope this beater keeps going for many more miles.

Drew’s Late Night Habits

A while back you may remember that I made another post about Drew and his love of reading, especially at night. I tuck Drew in around 8:30 every evening. For whatever reason, he has never been able to sleep that early. I told him he can read, do homework, write in his journal or anything that is quiet. He usually falls asleep around 10 pm.

Another activity besides reading that you can find him doing is puzzles. More than a handful of times I have found him working on them till the wee hours of the night. Anytime I find a good deal on a puzzle, I snag it because I know he will get it done.

This puzzle was 1000 pieces and one I got in Disneyland (not such a good deal but I thought it was cute). He did finally complete it after several weeks. I don’t have the patience for puzzles. I just can’t sit still for that long, but that is not the case for Drew. He gets that from his dad. I may have seen Seth sneak in there a time or two and spend a little time with Drew working on the puzzle. Melt my heart.



Little Mommy

Ellie is a mini-me. She follows me around the house most mornings once the other kids leave to school. She cleans beside me, she does her own workouts, she even likes to sit and do my hair while I work. She is my cute little sidekick.

When she isn’t doing chores (which mind you, she often prefers to playing), she likes to dress her babies and take them on walks along the sidewalk out front. After returning from her walk, she unloaded her babies beside her on the couch and asked if she could use the Ipad while the babies rested.

Seriously, I could die! When I walked into the living room and saw this, I knew I needed a picture to remember these days. I know all too well how quickly they grow up. Man, will I miss her next year when she is gone all day. What a cutie!


Megan’s Survivor Obsession

Megan loves Survivor. You know, the show where a group of people are abandoned on a tropical beach and vote each other off the island one by one.

Surfing Pinterest while streaming Survivor

During Christmas break, Megan spent most days streaming entire seasons of the show. She is convinced she is going to join the show and win it some day. She has even started keeping a list of necessary training and skills she will need to win the million dollar prize.


Looks like we will be enjoying many more fun backpacking adventures in the future to get her ready for her Survivor debut. We will definitely be cheering for her to win.

Our Night Owl Loves to Read

Drew has always been good about going to bed on time. He is usually in bed no later than 8:30, sometimes closer to 8:00. For the longest time he would just toss and turn for an hour or two, but he wouldn’t try to get up or leave his room. He usually falls asleep around 10, sometimes later.

Seth and I decided we would start encouraging him to read books during that time. He was only in first grade when we started this so he began with “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” After finishing the series, I borrowed a few sets of books from my neighbor to find out what he really liked. He loved them all (Magic Treehouse, Captain Underpants, I survived, Big Nate, Goosebumps, and more).

From there it has snowballed into a massive reading habit. He reads and reads and reads! Initially entering first grade he was a very average reader. By the end of the year he was reading at a third grade level. Now in second grade, the habit continues. He finishes a chapter book every night or two. He especially loves trips to the library to find new books to read.

Although I would prefer he get his rest, I am pleased he is able to use that time to gain a love of reading. Other than Megan and Drew, my kids mostly read because they have to rather than want to so I am happy to have another devoted book lover in our home. Many nights I catch him dozing off to sleep while still holding his book. I love that boy!


IMG_8228 (1)
There is always a pile of books on his bed.