Spring Choir Concert

Both Katelyn and Claire joined the Highland Children’s Choir this year. Katelyn has always loved singing. She easily picks up on pitches and tones and such. Claire likewise loves to sing. Since she was a very little girl, I would often find her humming or singing while she played. Due to the sibling discount the choir offered, I decided to have both girls join together.

I will admit that I was skeptical at first. I wondered if it was worth paying to have someone sing with my children. However, after going to their first concert all my doubts disappeared. The choir was amazing. No, really, AMAZING! I actually looked forward to the spring concert after seeing their Christmas concert. I wasn’t let down. It was another great performance by these beautiful singers.

Both Katelyn and Claire had a little solo in this concert. They were really nervous, but did such a good job. My kids aren’t natural performers. Often their nerves get the best of them so I was especially proud of my girls for giving it a try and doing great! Way to go girlies!