2016 Fall Break Adventure

Day 1: Bryce Canyon

On Thursday of our fall break Manina and the kids made the four-hour drive down to Bryce Canyon. Jake and I would drive down separately later that evening.

The girls (and Drew) stopped for lunch and met Rachel and Spencer and their family, with whom we would be spending the long weekend.

They went into Bryce, walking around the canyon rim, playing around and taking some pictures.

We had rented this older house in Tropic from VRBO, so it was fun to all hang out together that evening once we all got together.

We fired up the barbecue and cooked dinnerĀ  while the kids had fun playing out in the yard. Later that evening we watched the BYU vs. Boise St. game (unlucky outcome) and planned our outing for the following day.

Day 2: Peekaboo and Spooky

Friday morning we decided to drive out to do some of Utah’s more famous slot canyons near Escalante. We made the hour-long drive along scenic Highway 12 and turned off onto Hole-in-the-Rock road just on the other side of town.

We then drove 25 miles down the washboard-i-est road ever until we got to the trailhead. After turning off the road, we still had a some traveling to go on a road which required a high-clearance vehicle, so the Haymonds left their minivan and all piled in our Suburban for the last mile or so to the trail head.

There was a bit of a line to enter the Peek-a-boo slot. I had some webbing which was super handy to help haul the little ones up a pretty technical entrance. Once we were in the slot, the kids loved it.

When we got to the top of Peek-a-boo, we stopped for a while and had some lunch. Then we hike across the desert following rock cairns until we were able to find the entrance to Spooky.

As we headed down Spooky, we found out that it lived up to its name. We dropped down a large drop, then into really skinny stuff. So cool, but hard to capture in a picture.

After the hike, we were all pretty tired. We stopped to eat in Escalane and stopped at a place called Nemo’s drive-in. The kids decided they’d had enough adventure for the day, so we crossed the parking lot to eat Subway instead. We later found out that Nemo’s is pretty well regarded, one of the “hidden gem” places to eat in Utah. So it wasn’t a perfect day.

Day 3: Lower Calf Creek

Early morning Manina and I got up early to watch the sunrise over Sunrise point at Bryce. It’s a pretty spectacular place.

Jake wanted to get back in time to mow some lawns, so he left in my car to drive home alone while the rest of us headed along the Scenic Highway 12 again, this time stopping at Lower Calf Creek falls for a hike.

It was 6 miles long in sand, but pretty flat. Our kids did great, but the younger Haymonds struggled. The towering waterfall was a cool payoff at the end of the out-and-back trail.

When we got back to the parking lot we had to wait for the little Haymonds for a while, and by then we were all ready for the long drive home. We got home Saturday night at 9:30pm, having squeezed every little bit of adventure out of our fall break.

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